KFGM Ballroom Sessions taps the listener into the world of Montana music.


We need your help to hear the music of our community. 

KFGM Ballroom sessions gives up and coming artists a voice and the opportunity to be real with the listener. Music for the program includes metal, funk, folk, jazz. Discovering and promoting new sound and creativity is the aim of the program.  We want to do our part to nurture the music and creativity in and around Missoula, and we want to share our creativity and passion with listeners worldwide.

Here's how you can help: 

1. Donate to KFGM Ballroom Sessions

2. Sponsor the program

Download the 2019 KFGM Ballroom Sessions sponsorship document

3. In - kind donations and volunteering

We are currently seeking stage decor and carpeting, as well as community minded creative set designers and photographers who are good at operating on the fly.  

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