Season one. Episode eight.

Rooster Sauce - the BAND.

Rooster Sauce is a high energy, high octane garage rock band who leave everything on the stage…including their garb, blood-sweat-and tears and sometimes doughnuts and fried chicken. They claim to reside in Missoula, Montana but most locals speculate that they may hail from a planet far, far away.
Formed in 2007, this gonzo outfit immediately formed a knack for infusing hard garage rock with the macabre. Penning lyrics concerning odd topics such as club hopping vampires, giant sea creatures who invade beach parties, the New York Dolls turning into werewolves and even writing a love song about America’s favorite snack: the Hot Pocket, Rooster Sauce infused their odd verse with danceable beats and 1970s stadium rock guitar licks to become an overall party band. Within their 11 years as a band including a two year “hiatus in carbon freeze” the band released three albums, frequently toured the Pacific Northwest and brought glitter, glam and the rock to the local music scene in Missoula.
Interviewed by: Julie Tompkins & Ben Weiss
Air date: Oct. 21, 2018
Genre: Rock
Band members at time of recording:
David Lee Rooster/ Chris Knudsen (guitar, vocals)
General Lee Rooster/ Dave E. Jones (guitar,vocals)
 Sarah Lee Rooster/ Adelaide Gale Every (bass,vocals)
Tender Lee Rooster/ Aaron Soria (drums) 
Kathy Lee Rooster/ Kateena Bell (vocals)

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