Season one. Episode two.


"The local band has polished songwriting and a fully formed sound: Angular, post-punk guitar lines and synth work; sometimes sneering vocal melodies.
It's a new group for two veteran collaborators: Guitarist Doug Smith and keyboardist Chris Bacon were members of the Volumen, a rock group that identified itself as "heavy new wave," which is a fairly perfect description.
In many ways, the band still is heavy new wave in some ways: The guitar and synth tones are proudly artificial in the manner of many 1980s groups in the genre.
The tightly scripted band, with hooks, bridges and guitar-synth interplay, will satisfy those Volumen fans looking for their fix." - Cory Walsh, Missoulian
Interviewed by: Andy Smetanka & Alan Pickles
Air date: Sept. 9, 2018
Genre: rock/punk rock
Band members at time of recording: 
Chris Baumann (drums)
Chris Bacon (keys)
J Ryan 'Dreamer' Weingardt (vocals)
Doug Smith (guitar)

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