Season one. Episode three.


Careening out the ashtray like a phoenix terrified of losing it’s edge, Post-Whatever band FUULS establishes their panicked dynamism through metempsychosis. The boys went soul searching and have returned to offer a beehive of pissed off notes and sweet existential nothings.
“These are tight songs with unpredictable transitions. Cornelius plays quick, searing guitar solos while Cave swaggers around his corner of the stage and Soria’s long black hair whips through the air while he batters his bright green drum set.”
– Erika Fredrickson, Missoula Independent
Interviewed by: Gale Every & Mia Soz
Air date: Sept. 16, 2018
Genre: Rock/Punk Rock
Band members at time of recording: 
Thomas Cornelius (Guitar, Vocals)
Robert Cave (Bass)
Aaron Soria (Drums)

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